Saturday, May 23, 2009


This is my last entry.

Before I left Telos, when it was just Kohana and me left in the clan, I told him that I've always been horrible at goodybes. He told me something amazing.

"don't say goodbye, say ciao! ciao is a magic word... means both hello and goodbye."

"lol. i see. that makes a world of difference to me."

"ciao, mis!"


Thank to Roley and Aegis for embracing me.


I recently met someone, and I am completely enamored. He's an amazing person. intelligent, caring, hardworking, honest... and I can never have him.

I think I finally understand the meaning of "life isn't fair."


  1. Its okay because sometimes we did some things to make things better and improve what things we missed. Enjoy the game!

    Fiksdotter of,

  2. mabye you cant have him because youre a fucking man LOL

    l2googleImg better

  3. awwwwww, jenkins... i'm flattered that you still read this and have been hungering for an update after so long! <3

    get a life, you sick little punk. show's over.