Saturday, May 23, 2009


This is my last entry.

Before I left Telos, when it was just Kohana and me left in the clan, I told him that I've always been horrible at goodybes. He told me something amazing.

"don't say goodbye, say ciao! ciao is a magic word... means both hello and goodbye."

"lol. i see. that makes a world of difference to me."

"ciao, mis!"


Thank to Roley and Aegis for embracing me.


I recently met someone, and I am completely enamored. He's an amazing person. intelligent, caring, hardworking, honest... and I can never have him.

I think I finally understand the meaning of "life isn't fair."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This place is a Ghostown.

everyone is leaving... War, Dar, Kumi, Kimi, Astell, Vig, Nono, Wyrm and so many more. i don't really have the desire to play or afk anymore - i've just been logging in to talk to people, but there haven't been many on. i sometimes feel like playing again, but then i realize that everyone is gone.

haha. i guess this is what i get, huh?

sors, immanis et innanis.

Monday, April 6, 2009

the one about Telos.

After talking to several trusted Friends and Clannies, I decided to end Telos. It was very selfish of me to leave the raid camping and daily clan activities to Kimiaru and hustlers. I've been too busy in real life to keep up with the clan. I apologize for bringing everyone down the last couple of weeks... it was never my intention. Rather than have you all suffer through boring inactivity before it got REALLY bad, I decided to spare us all. I hope you'll find it in your hearts to forgive me.

A few words to some of you:

Kohana, thank you for all of your advice. You know, I've never been that close to my Father... we get along, but we're not all "buddy-buddy." You've always been like an in-game Dad to me. I've made several important decisions in-game because of your counsel, and I consider your advice when making real life decisions, too. Thanks for keeping the clan name. You have no idea how much it means to me that the name stays with you.

Kimiaru. Yes, you were always my favorite. You're like a little sister to me and I'd do pretty much anything for you.

LovelySonata - I'm glad you came back to the game! I think we'll have some fun times on clanless island until we decide what to do. I'll stick around for a while longer just for you!

Almontri. Oh boy... Al... I don't even know what to say. You've come a long way. you're such an awesome gal... you really kept me entertained. Be confident in yourself and I know that you'll do great in life! I believe in you!

Hirojinn, thanks for letting me be your fag-hag all this time. You're the best. =D

Nien & Iberison, you're both wonderful people. I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you. I loved playing with both of you... You're such a cool couple. =3

Kumigara, I miss you. Thank you for being one of my first and best friends in-game. I always thought that if you left, that would be a sign that Telos would shortly follow.

D'Arwyn. You're awesome. that is all.

Idemair: you're so talented. I envy you.

Astell - alas, I will miss you and your companionship. Let's stay friends and pvp all the time. =D

D_A_N_G_E_R... maybe we will have lunch or dinner some time in the future. haha. Thanks for always being there. Too bad you still don't know how close we actually live! =P

Frankenfert - I hope that everything is okay for you in real life.

Bezzies, thanks for being like my bouncer. Your advice was awesome when I was feeling down.

Wyrm and Kara/Nono... I wish I was as uber as you guys. =(

CRO$$ - thank you for being so faithful and always being there.

HolyMidnight & Jaegermanjensen. You guys are so cool. It was SOOOO much fun playing with you. Let's stay in touch!!!

Ashardalon - thank you for helping me realize my dream of having the clan running 24/7 when you accepted the position of Vice Leader. You did so much for the clan.

Ratridevi... remember that day when Lovely and I were listening so intently to that story about your "best friend?" that was so cute. lol. Anyway... congrats on almost Expert! Let's keep in touch! Thank you for reminding me that this is just a game.

d'Avalon, sorry life took over. We really missed you.

Tiferet - you're the coolest nub ever.

MahouMage. You know... I've always felt some strange connection to you. I can talk to others easily, but I usually don't spill my guts like I can with you. You bring out the most sincere part of me.

TheDaringThree, I'll always be here if you need someone to talk to. =)

Shride... you're so leet. =P

Rakuru, THANK YOU FOR GETTING RID OF THAT STUPID PUMPKIN HAT. lol. Thanks for sticking around as long as you did.

Erisia, you're such a hard worker. Thank you for all of your contributions as vice leader. I should be more like you.

Belletrix, I love pvping with you! thanks for feeding my bloodthirstiness! haha.

Vigelant... D:<

Warlust... this whole thing just isn't the same without you. I can't believe how much I miss you. I'm sorry for being so out of touch... You being on hiatus has killed me emotionally. You're a beautiful person inside and out. I wish we knew eachother in real life.

everyone else: you mean the world to me.


Okay, so... I need a break from the game. School is kicking my butt like never before, and its completely my fault. I'll still be on, but probably just in town, afk. Feel free to send me a PM and I'll answer as soon as I possibly can.

A few things I want to say to non-clannies:

Roley... thanks for everything. You're fun to talk to and you're a great guy. thanks for all of the advice and help!

Dra69oN. I need to be more like you. I'm glad we can talk to eachother like we do.

Chimaerasong, thanks for always being there. =)

RawrStar, thank you for supporting Telos. We all thought you were awesome. =)

hustlers. thanks for giving Telos that last burst of life. I appreciate it... really.

Unlimted, thanks for letting me preach to you all those times. lol.

Anesa... none of this would've been possible if I hadn't met you. I really don't even know what to tell you... I'm speechless. Thank you... for everything. You're my unsung hero, and I can't give you enough credit.

Thank you everyone for making the game fun! I'll be seeing you!

Until we meet again,

Mis. <3

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the one about when i ruled the world.

be my mirror, my sword and shield. <3

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the one about how much i'm going to miss you.

hmmm. i'm not really sure what to say right now. i'm thinking a lot of things.

you've been my rock for a really long time. i was able to do a lot of things because of you. i feel like someone swept the rug out from underneath my feet.

i guess all i can really think of right now is:

et tu, Brute?

this is probably weird. i suck at goodbyes.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

the one about Spring Break!

this semester has been CRAZY. paper after presentation after exam nonstop... but now it's time to relax. i haven't been home all semester, so it's nice to see my parents again. =)

so, while i was driving home i listened to "Circus" by Britney Spears quite a few times. weird? yes, because i've never liked her... i've never liked her music and i don't like the image she puts out there. i don't know what it is, but i find this song so catchy. i know i looked incredibly stupid singing and dancing to it while driving down I-35. haha.

i was talking to a friend about Britney's huge comeback, but then i realized - was she ever really gone? lol.

here's to a nice, relaxing week.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the one about the unstable servers & current goals.

the servers have been out of control for such a long time now... its getting annoying.

a few things:

-having an expert ele is a beautiful thing. she makes everything die. =P

-7 con scouts are a Godsend.

-i've been having crazy luck with getting ar/dr/human damage on equips.

my current projects:
Black Bishop
Golden Guard
Serpent Javelin
get more clannies geared

oh boy...