Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This place is a Ghostown.

everyone is leaving... War, Dar, Kumi, Kimi, Astell, Vig, Nono, Wyrm and so many more. i don't really have the desire to play or afk anymore - i've just been logging in to talk to people, but there haven't been many on. i sometimes feel like playing again, but then i realize that everyone is gone.

haha. i guess this is what i get, huh?

sors, immanis et innanis.


  1. The most excitement in weeks was last nights give-away by Armesto.

    I sure hope those pistols he gave me were not duped o.o


  2. We don't need to play the game to talk! Poke me on MSN or something; I'm on all the time, mostly.


  3. Eh I still hang around MSN also, feel free to drop me a pm. Would love to hear from you.