Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the one about passing the time.

i've been afk a lot since the end of last week. I didn't even leave the AA for CW this Saturday because i've been trying to milk my passes. lol. i need to expert these characters soon before i go permanently afk. jk, of course. =P i'm gonna appreciate the game so much more after this. you know... anyone can expert a fighter, but it takes a MAN (or WOMAN, in my case. lol.) to expert an Ele.

i feel bad for missing so many raids lately. i've been to only one out of about eleven Vergo raids since last week and i missed the clan's first time downing Rafflesia.

it'll allllll be worth it soon enough. must keep pushing!

here's Beautiful Emotion from Noir, one of my favorite Animes. Yes, I actually watch Anime occasionaly. shocking, no?