Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the one about being a real person.

Behind this monitor, typing on this keyboard is a real person.

She has real feelings.

She feels the same emotions that you feel.

She's playing this game to have fun.

She loves her friends and clanmates. They mean the world to her.

She's not the horrible, greedy, backstabbing bitch you make her out to be.

She's feeling a bit beaten down right now, but she'll be back to 100% faster than you can imagine... so be nice to her, because she gets plenty of hate in game for a plethora of reasons... everyday.


  1. I'm going to be honest here, Mis: You're one of the only reasons I haven't quit or left. So be happy! This real person supports you.

  2. im going to be honest and privately humiliate you again since your comments need approval i figure i can do just as much damage rofl. So my suspicions about you being an emo slut are actually true according to this. I was just trying to make you feel bad but this is 10x more funny because the internet really bothers you. in all honesty you are a back stabbing bitch/man and you deserve every bit of shit you get so dont think for a second that the world is just out to get you. your the reason why people are quitting sotnw and you know it, its because of telos being total fucking idiots. Its funny though you do this type of shit and expect no consequences to come of it then you cry on your emo blog about the internet. no one really cares.

    also you should have gotten a better picture off of google images.

  3. lol i dont understand why this guy is making such a big deal thinking that someone cares about what he has to say no one gives a care in the world about what u have to say go "flame on" somewhere else where maybe it will actually be constructive criticism or something i dont even know who you are but u are obviously a huge POS nerd who takes the game too seriously to the point where hes gonna go and harass other people on their private blogs... seriously cameron whoever the hell u are.. go get a life.. and again really... " no one really cares"