Saturday, January 17, 2009

the one about the hate.

We took Fatal's colony during this week's CW. Roley, Dra69oN and I decided that we didn't want to be associated with them anymore. McGeezers of course decided to jump in, so he lost his colony as well. They really don't deserve the colonies that they had... they never have anyone on for CW and they couldn't defend them without help.

I was called so many names during those two hours. It was ridiculous. Here are a few:

Shemale (really?)
Coward &

People are so vicious. its just a game.

Anyway, I'm gladd we finally got more colonies. My Clannies deserve it. They are some of the most wonderful people that I know.

I love you, Telos.


  1. Ugh, people are so immature sometiems D8 Don't stress out over people like that...they're soo not worth it :( ILU2!

  2. WTF is with you?
    Sounds like you are greedy little kids to me. Also sounds like you back stabbed them for no reason.
    But i guess when you have no life this is what you do...

  3. I'm confused. Does that mean that you can hold your colonies without help?