Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the first one.

So, I've finally decided to start a blog about this game to humor myself. Imagine that.

Where to begin? hmmm. Well, I've been playing since April, but didn't actually get into the game until late August. lol. I wasted quite a bit of time.

I currently have seven Veterans:

Eden, my Scout,
Anri, my Elementalist,
Lourdes, my Fighter,
Giese, my Wizard,
Arbalest, my first Musketeer,
Tessa, my second Musketeer,
Katherine, my lovely Catherine of Strength and
Romina, my newest Veteran.

A few interesting facts about my characters:

  • I named my Fighter after myself.
  • I had a Male Scout until last week when I decided to trade him for my Vice Leader Warlust's Female Scout.
  • My Female Scout was named by Hirojinn, one of my clannies.
  • Katherine is my absolute favorite UPC.

I'm incredibly fortunate- My characters are, for the most part, fully decked out, and I am successful in PVP because of my equipment. I won't be showing most of my equips here. I don't want everyone knowing how weak or strong I really am.

Lourdes will be my first Expert. Anri and Eden will follow her shortly after. I plan on vetting Grace in the near future. Lunesca, another one of my amazing clannies, has a nasty Conqueror Shotgun with undead mods that will destroy everything in the Ancient Area. She is EXTREMELY generous and has offered to loan it to me. It should help tremendously in the tough grind that Anri will be facing.

I'm the leader of Telos, one of the friendliest and most active clans on Orpesia. I'm blessed to have the company of such wonderful friends. They are one of the reasons why I look forward to playing everyday. We can complete Gerero, Diablo, Poison Yard and Hell Breaker. We plan on completing Vergo, Rafflesia and Lava Leaf (The Whirlpool of Flame; Fire Gate) in the very near future. Telos is derived from Greek, and can be associated with "Limitless Power," "The Ultimate State of Being" or "End."

My family name? It's derived from Spanish/French/Italian and means "Mercy."

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